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music and audio-post agency




helps brands define their image

through sound and music.

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Original Music

We've composed some of the most iconic and recognizable music for brands today—
from HBO to Nike, both long and short form, symphonic to EDM, and everything in between.

record & mix

Voice over record, audio cleanup, mix for web, surround mix for theatrical release. We'll optimize your sound, bring improved sonics and speech intelligibility, and more impact to your project.


When a project calls for licensed music, our knowledge and experience help you find the right track.  And we can negotiate the rights as well.  Take advantage of our relationships with libraries, publishers and labels.


From subtle ambience to earth shaking rumbles, sound design brings stories to life.  We create our own sounds and use extensive libraries, building realistic effects and abstract soundscapes.

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Fully operational except for in-person recording

WFH until further notice due to COVID-19

Office: 173 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10024

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