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American Horror Story: Cult

Digital Media / Viral Marketing Campaign

American Horror Story has been one of the most successful and critically acclaimed franchises anywhere on television. In 2017, FX launched a six-week multi-platform campaign to generate excitement for the upcoming season 7 of AHS. They created a portal where viewers unlocked exclusive content by playing interactive games, and answering AHS trivia, with new content unveiled each week. The invitation was to "Join us."  


The project began with a shoot including hundreds of actors at several stages in Los Angeles. Editing and visual effects took place in NYC at IKA Collective under the direction of Spark and Sizzle. As the videos were built, they came to Mixology for sound design, voice processing and mix.


We plumbed the depths of fear to come up with scary, unsettling and disturbing sounds.  We build expansive soundscapes incorporating extreme voice processing, distorted music, and bizarre soundscapes.

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